Monday, 14 April 2014

Meet "Liberty Tax Service"

Yes, it's the time I file my taxes for the first time.. 

I tried to fill them online, but was worried to do something wrong especially that I didn't understand some of the steps.. So my friend Merwad gave me the contacts for Liberty Tax Service, who are based on 1775 Danforth Avenue.

I called to take an appointment, but they informed me that it's on first come first served basis, so I gathered all my documents and took the subway to Coxwell, the closest to Liberty Tax office.

Arriving there, this maple leaf mascot was receiving people (I believe to lighten up the mood as when it comes to money and taxes people can be stressed).

They were very welcoming and helpful and I didn't expect to be done in 10 minutes.

I felt it was like an official baptism to the Canadian life and looking forward for my tax assessment in couple of weeks :)

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