Thursday, 3 April 2014

Meet "The Classmates"

I can’t believe that three months already passed and the “Foundation in Digital communications Strategy and Social Media” course at University of Toronto is over..

And what a fantastic last class yesterday with everyone sharing a summary of their blog, their best posts and enlightening us with their key learnings.

Lots of insights, lots of inspiration and definitely lots of passion.

It was a great pleasure to take this course with a group of professional talented people, and learning from each one, from their working and personal lives, from their hobbies and mostly from their experiences.

Thank you Jane, Nabil, Kent, Lindsay, Daniele, Tori, Heather, Sameer, Lauren, Danny L., Kathryn, Mandy, Karen, Sima, Danny G., Kathleen, Bennett, Caitlin, Chris, Elhum, Laurie and Scott for great 12 weeks.

Thank you Alison and good luck for the coming semesters.

And a huge thank you for you Eden for sharing your knowledge and great expertise, and for making us embrace the digital and social world.

See you guys in few weeks for the advanced class for more learning and at the same time more fun.


  1. Marwan, I'm so happy you decided to blog every day this year and decided to introduce everyone to our Foundations class. Best of luck in the Advanced course!

  2. Thanks a lot Eden.. See you in few weeks.

  3. Thanks Marwan for sharing your blog! It's definitely inspired me to get to know new people in this city.