Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Meet "Elias"

When you walk into Mystic Muffin on 113 Jarvis St, you'll most likely be greeted and served by the owner himself.  Elias Makhoul stands behind the counter, very friendly, explaining the menu and the different options you can have. Elias moved to Canada from Lebanon when he was 21, and has been running Mystic Muffin at the same location for close to 20 years.

I went with my friend Ziad after i heard they serve Moujadara (a traditional lebanese dish with lentil), but there we knew that they do the Moujadara only tuesdays and fridays, but we enjoyed the lentil soup, the falafel and the famous hummus, and on top of that their famous apple cake that was recommended by another friend.

Mystic Muffin is a small restaurant with just couple of tables but lots of people walked in, ordered and enjoyed their meal there.. and the interior is very modest with a very personal touch from Elias, and lots of pictures for him and his family, and some of his customers.. on top of branded T shirts that you can buy.

We didn't know that we can only pay cash, and we didn't have any on us, so I didn't expect from Elias to tell us that we can pay another time... it was amazing to see people who can still trust strangers especially that it was our first time there.. but still we ran to an ATM, and ended up paying us, thanking him and promising to visit again, especially to have the lovely Moujadara dish.

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